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On Paranormal Romance

Paranormal Romance

As I mentioned in a previous post, paranormal romance has been given a bad rep because of girly wish-fulfilling books like Twilight. Yes, I’m basing all the bad stigma following paranormal romance on Stephanie Meyers. And all the books she inspired.

When a genre comes with a stigma, does that mean it’s inherently not good? Horror comes with similar feelings. The poor genre will forever be haunted by the ghosts of Friday the 13th past. But there is still plenty of good horror fiction out there. So why can’t we suppose there is plenty of good paranormal romance, if we go looking for it?

What Makes Paranormal Romance Good?
Two words. Paranormal. Romance.

What is YA?

What is YA

Young Adult fiction is written for kids anywhere from the ages of 13 and 17. However, that doesn’t mean it’s restricted to just those ages. The later Harry Potter books, for example, were anxiously awaited by people of all ages. This 38 year old even wrote a song about it!

Though a 40 year-old can enjoy YA as much as his 13 year-old daughter, when approaching a YA book one must take into account some the subtle differences between YA and Adult, else he might find himself wanting to crash his head against the wall.


The kids in YA are young. 14-18. Anything less quickly falls into middle grade. Anything more and it’s probably adult. Also, the protagonist of a YA story is almost always 1-2 years older than the age it’s marketed for. Yeah, it’s kind of weird, but let me explain…

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