Spoiler Ratings and Guidelines

Here at ThinkyRead.com I do my best to deliver excellent discussion without spoilers. However, sometimes they’re unavoidable, so I’ve designed this Content Spoiler Rating system to help all readers enjoy every post. Each post will be clearly marked at the top and inside with its Spoiler Rating and warnings before or after mild-heavy spoilers.

I want everyone to enjoy and be able to contribute to every post. Bearing that in mind, I would like to ask that any comments try to keep all discussions Spoiler Free. If you can’t say what you want without spoilers, please be kind enough to mark your comment with the appropriate warning. Thank you!

-Spoiler Free
No spoilers at all. Scenes might be referenced and discussed, but in a way that allows previous readers of the book to understand without spoiling the scene for virgins.

-Mild Spoilers
A scene or two may be discussed in detail, but when read out of context, it’s not enough to detract from one’s enjoyment of the book.

-Heavy Spoilers
Bruce Willis is a ghost. Major plot points, character motivations, or twists are mentioned here that have a possibility of detracting from the enjoyment of the book.

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