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On Chasing the Skip by Janci Patterson


*Heavy Spoilers (Visit Spoiler Ratings and Guidelines for ThinkyRead’s spoiler policy).

I can’t make up my mind with this book. I picked it up from Amazon after listening to Janci’s guest appearance on my favorite Podcast, Writing Excuses. The plot sounded interesting and I do like YA, so I gave it a try. However, as I said… I still don’t know how I feel about it.

Unlike a lot of YA I read, this one sounded really… young. I enjoyed Ricki’s voice and found her to be an interesting character. Her obsession with lists is fun and the way she reports on the world as though she’s writing an unbiased report introduced some really interesting and creative ways to tell the story. Ironically this was my favorite way to experience Ricki’s emotions.

What bothers me is this: As we will discuss on Wednesday, the protagonist in young adult fiction is often a couple years older than the target audience and either acts a little younger than they are or a little older. Ricki managed to act both.

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