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On Nightingale by David Farland


*Mild Spoilers (Visit Spoiler Ratings and Guidelines for ThinkyRead’s spoiler policy).

On Wednesday, April 10th, I just happened to open up my Feedly (which, admittedly, I don’t do often). Mary Robinette Kowal’s most recent post was titled “Book Bomb to Help Dave Wolverton’s son.” Hm… intriguing, What in the world is a Book Bomb?

Apparently David Wolverton’s son had recently been in a long boarding accident, broke most of the bones in his body. Being a full-time writer often means having not-so-great health insurance. Or, as in this case, none at all. So a bunch of Daven’s writer friends got together and decided to spike Dave’s most recent book’s popularity on Amazon. Higher rank, more sales, less debt. Plus, he got 7% from whatever people purchased from Amazon if they used his affiliate link! And, hey, the book was only $7.99.

So I bought it.

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